Our history

Quinta & Santos Score, S.A., is a company whose main activity is "Laundry and Industrial Dyeing".

The company emerged at a time when the national economy was struggling with a huge recession, with a negative industrial production index, with an unemployment rate of around 7% and an inflation rate above 5%. However, and taking into account, on the one hand, the foreseeable high margin for expansion of the textile industry and, on the other hand, the lack of this type of cotton washing service in the sector, a large investment was made in order to respond to this “niche” of the market, in the manufactured piece.

No less important is the fact that the company was founded by workers in the activity.

In the beginning it was a very small company, but already quite competitive, which led to a sharp growth in the volume of work that was accompanied by the administration with a strong investment in cutting-edge technologies, providing a final product always at the forefront of the new trends dictated by the demanding the fashion world.

Growth was so pronounced that investment doubled every year, as did staff. The number of services offered by the company grew in such a way that, in 2004, it had to move to better and larger facilities, where large investments were made in modern technologies, such as:

Automation and subsequent training of existing staff
Computerization of all processes
Installation of environmentally friendly technologies

The safeguarding and protection of Future Generations, from an Ecological and Sustainable perspective, has been one of the major concerns and for that, the company underwent a restructuring where it introduced new equipment with the latest technology and new solutions for minimizing raw materials in order to guarantee and to protect the Environment.

We are currently on the path of Sustainability, Innovation and Continuous Investment in equipment and technology!


We are a company with an innovative industrial unit located
in Barcelos, in the north of Portugal. 

In these 30 years, Quinta & Santos Score, S.A, has a solid image in the market, where we bet along our journey in innovation, sustainability and creativity, making us a reference in the textile finishing sector.

We are recognized nationally and internationally for our finishing activities, particularly in the luxury segment.

Our main objective is the total satisfaction of our customers, where quality, rigor and professionalism are the focus of our team, assuming the maximum commitment to our partners in order to achieve success together.

We are currently part of a research and development center dedicated to the investigation of new technologies and different methods in the elaboration of processes in order to innovate and revolutionize the textile industry. Natural Dyes are our last bet, where we have three ranges (vegetable, mineral and organic), we believe that with the use of these products we help protect the Planet and prevent future generations.

The company underwent a restructuring where it introduced new equipment with the latest technology, namely in machines that consume less energy and where they allow dyeing with minimal amounts of water, making it possible for us to reduce water consumption by up to 60%. In the future, we aim to reuse a large part of that same water. 

On a daily basis, we are committed to minimizing environmental impacts by reducing gaseous emissions, adopting environmental protection and pollution prevention measures, and involving our employees in the adoption of good environmental preservation practices.

We have more than one and a half hundred employees and our objective is to share the company's success with them, creating a safe and motivating work environment, investing in continuous training and personal fulfilment.

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Our mission is to improve the effectiveness, creativity and competitiveness of our customers.

To this end, we develop and improve washing, dyeing and textile finishing techniques.

We seek to create innovative services and solutions that meet the needs of our customers, as well as provide a quality service based on greater competence, at the lowest cost and environmental impact.

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At Quinta & Santos Score, S.A, we have the following objectives:


To grow

Through the development of new work methodologies, presenting a range of useful services and solutions that are important for the sector in which we already operate, as well as expanding the activity to new areas that are based on our technologies, skills and the interests of our customers;



Profits to finance the company's growth, create value and provide the resources we need to fulfill other objectives of Quinta & Santos Score,S.A;


To see

Market changes as growth opportunities.
Using profits and our development capacity to create innovative services and solutions;


To help

Employees sharing in the success of the company they have contributed to by providing people with performance-based employment opportunities. Create with them a safe, motivating and comprehensive work environment that values ​​diversity, thus recognizing the individual contributions of each one, so that employees feel satisfied and fulfilled with their work.

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