Environmental Commitment

In response to the growing demands of the market and our customers for more sustainable processes, Quinta & Santos, S.A, seeks to adapt to the constant changes and evolutions of the context in which it operates, continuously improving its environmental performance.

The environment and natural resources are not renewable, so they must be preserved to guarantee future generations the possibility of harmonious development.

In this context, the top management of Quinta & Santos, S.A, establishes the following commitments:

  • Comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to its activity and products;
  • Rationalize consumption of natural and energy resources and proper management of all products and raw materials used;
  • Minimize the environmental impacts caused by its business activity, aware that they are mainly at the level of waste production, gaseous emissions, consumption of energy, water and chemical products and the rejection of liquid effluents;
  • Adoption of measures to protect the environment and prevent pollution, such as the separation and recovery of waste generated, in order to reduce risks for employees, the surrounding community and the environment;
  • Development and optimization of its processes and products, always with a view to continuous improvement of its global performance, through the review of objectives and definition of annual targets;
  • Involve and motivate all employees and other stakeholders, making them aware of the importance of adopting good environmental preservation practices.
  • Investment in high-tech machines with water savings of 50% to 70%.

We commit to future generations

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