Quality and Environmental Policy

QUINTA & SANTOS SCORE S.A is a company whose scope is the provision of textile dyeing, finishing and washing services, with a view to the continuous search for the quality of its services and environmental performance, the result of the safe and competent work of all its team, must ensure compliance with its strategic definitions (Mission, Objectives and Values).

The Management of QUINTA & SANTOS SCORE S.A is committed to maintaining a Quality and Environmental Management System, based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, which complies with legal requirements and the requirements of customers, interested parties and other applicable requirements. , in order to continually improve the effectiveness of its management system. QUINTA & SANTOS SCORE, S.A has the following objectives:

  • Adopt the best management practices, acting strictly in accordance with the legislation in force and incorporating socio-environmental criteria in business management;
  • Recognize and value employees who demonstrate commitment and commitment to the company's activities;
  • Develop, together with service providers, actions that ensure compliance with labor and social obligations, hygiene and safety conditions at work and the application of wage levels compatible with market averages;
  • Include in its Strategic Planning the protection of the environment in all its processes through action plans aimed at the implementation of a sustainable environmental policy, the development of environmental education campaigns and the supervision of environmental impacts.
  • Find and implement technologies that allow a reduction of the carbon footprint, thus establishing measures that allow a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Using natural resources, with due preservation of the environment, providing sustainable development, complying with current Municipal, National and Community Legislation.
  • Plan, design and develop our activities, adopting preventive and/or compensatory measures in the impact caused to the environment.
  • Adopt measures that guarantee the security of the company's information regarding documents of technical, commercial, legal, financial origin, contracts, processes, registration data of employees, customers, suppliers and others.

Issue No. 3 - Várzea, December 3, 2021

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