Nano Earth Dye

Our Team is increasingly concerned with the Environment and Sustainability and as we are an innovative company and always looking to be at the forefront of the sector, the need arose to create an Innovative process

Nano Earth Dye (NED) is the most recent investment by Quinta & Santos Score, S.A, in terms of dyeing.
These dyes combine nature with science. After several experiments, it was possible to obtain dyes of natural origin (mineral extracts) that together with the state-of-the-art technology of nanoparticles, it was possible to have a dye that at the end of dyeing the dye surplus is reduced, that is, at the end of dyeing we will have a bathroom practically clean! This is possible thanks to the reduction of the natural dye to a tiny scale (in the order of nanometers) which will make it possible to impregnate it practically in the fiber.
Bathing relationships and temperatures continue to be an important factor in our daily lives! Therefore, this process has low temperatures and short bathing ratios.
But the news doesn't stop there:

  • The possibility of creating colors: With the NED it is possible to create colors according to the customer's taste with a wider color palette;
  • Dye fastness: The technology used in this process guarantees high and unique fastness (depending on the color intensity) which is only possible due to the size of the dye used.


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