Natural Dyeing

Natural Dyeing


Natural dyes is the most recent bet by Quinta & Santos Score, S.A, focused on the growing demand for more environmentally friendly products and the concern to adopt more attractive industrial practices, developing several new dyeing processes with unique natural dyes. 

The special extraction process for this range has been able to provide the most standardized form of superior quality ready-to-use natural dyes in extract form.
In addition, we also work with a range of auxiliaries specially made for natural dyes and which are only available to our company.
Natural dyes are dyes extracted from natural resources used mainly in textile dyeing. They can also be used in food, pigment, wall paint, wood, etc.
The natural dyes used in the textile dyeing industry are extracted from three types of resources:

I. Vegetable source: such as flowers, tree bark, leaves, roots, fruits, fruit peels, stamps, etc. This category is also known as vegetable dyes.
II. Fonte mineral: alguns dos minerais são ricos em corantes que são usados diretamente para tingir têxteis; alguns deles incluem Hara Kashish, etc.
III. Animal source: two natural dyes are extracted from animals composed of Lac and Cochineal.


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